Scholarship Information page

Thanks to generous contributors, the Highline Schools Foundation is proud to offer many different types of scholarships with awards up to $30,000 – and only one application to complete!

Scholarships are open to graduating seniors* who are enrolled full-time in a Highline Public School (see below for more information).

The following documents may be attached to your application or sent separately:

  • High School Transcript. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable and must be uploaded directly into the application form.
  • Recommendation Form. One (1) Recommendation Form should be completed by an adult (not a relative) who has had a significant role in interacting with you in your academic, extracurricular, community service, or leadership activities. Teachers, school counselors, and coaches are great options.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must graduate from any high school within Highline Public Schools, at the conclusion of the school year for the application period.
  • Students should live within the boundaries of Highline Public Schools, or those who live outside the district but are enrolled and attend full-time a school in Highline Public Schools (Maritime High School, Raisbeck Aviation High School, or via the McKinney Vento program).
  • To receive scholarship funds, student must be enrolled and attend full-time, a post-secondary, accredited trade school, college or university, enrolled in college level classes and continue to attend school full-time.

  • For scholarships paid out over multiple years, students agree to continue to be enrolled full-time, keep a GPA of 2.5, and submit transcripts annually to the Highline Schools Foundation Scholarship Committee.

General Scholarship Info

  • Preference will be given to those recipients who have not received a substantial scholarship or scholarships from other entities. It is the goal of the Foundation to support those students who would not be able to attend college without our scholarship support.
  • Scholarship money will be paid directly to the college and may be used for qualified higher education expenses including tuition, student fees, books, room and board, and supplies or equipment required for enrollment. Scholarship funds will never be sent directly to students.
  • The Highline Schools Foundation will not pay scholarship money to schools outside the United States.
  • Students may defer their scholarship for one year if they find that they are over-funded or if they have to delay the start of college. Scholarship awards must be used within two years of receipt of award. If scholarship funds have not been used, it will no longer be available and may be re-awarded to another student.

Anticipated Scholarships to be Awarded in 2024

  • 13th Year Scholarship – This scholarship supports students who might otherwise be unable to continue their education beyond high school. Four (4) $5,000 scholarships will be awarded.
  • Alaska Airlines Scholarship – This scholarship, funded by Alaska Airlines, offers four (4) awards of $5,000 to two graduates of any Highline Public Schools’ high school and two graduates from Raisbeck Aviation High School.
  • Anne Gregory Memorial Scholarship –  This scholarship was created to support Evergreen High School graduates who have mitigating financial circumstances that limit their access to financial resources. This could include immigration or residency status. The scholarship was set up in memory of former Evergreen teacher Anne Gregory. This scholarship is $2,000 for the first year of college. 
  • Burien Arts Association Scholarship – This scholarship is for a Highline Public Schools graduate who will pursue a visual arts degree at an accredited arts organization or four-year college/university.
  • Burien PRIDE Scholarship – Created in partnership with Burien PRIDE, this scholarship celebrates students who have helped advance and support LGBTQ+ communities. 
  • Catherine Foss Scholarship – Named for former teacher Catherine Foss, this scholarship provides $5,000 annually for up to four years (if a minimum 2.5 GPA is maintained) to a Highline Public Schools student attending an accredited college or trade school. 
  • CM Garrity Scholarship – This scholarship provides $7,500 annually for four years (if the 2.5 GPA) to a student attending a 4-year university, for a total award of $30,000. Two scholarships will be awarded.
  • Fred Vaughan Scholarship – The Fred Vaughan Scholarship provides a one-time $2,000 scholarship to students graduating from any Highline Public Schools high school based on need, academic achievement, and community service.
  • Fredenburg Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship, created in memory of Harriette Fredenburg, beloved math teacher at Evergreen High School, is a one-time $1,000 award to one Evergreen High School graduating senior, who plans to study math or education.
  • Gateway Scholarship – Created by community member Randi Sibonga, this scholarship is to support students who have experienced homelessness. This annual scholarship with a one-time award of $5,000 is for graduating seniors from any high school in Highline with financial need.
  • Highline Promise Scholarship – Created by former Highline Superintendent Susan Enfield, this scholarship is unique in that it is offered for students pursuing post-high school education (college or trade school) or those planning a direct career path like the military, vocational, or other career pathway. Recipients of this one year award of $5,000 will be first-generation students — those who are the first in their family to attend college or, for those pursuing other career pathways, be a student whose parents did not attend college.
  • Jim Glennon Scholarship – New in 2024! This scholarship, funded by community members and friends of Jim Glennon, is for students planning a career in Education, following in the footsteps of lifelong educator Jim Glennon, who taught for many years at Mount Rainier High School.
  • Nature Stewards Environmental Science Scholarship – This scholarship was created to support a graduate of any Highline high school who is looking at studying environmental science in their post-secondary studies. The scholarship is $1,000 for the first year of college.
  • Pay it Forward Scholarship – This scholarship recognizes graduates from Evergreen High School. Up to three (3) $1,000 scholarships will be awarded. 
  • Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Scholarship – This is the Foundation’s longest running scholarship, funded through the STIA Golf Tournament held each July. Three scholarships will be awarded to students motivated to pursue a STEM education. Two scholarships are for $10,000 each; one is for $5,000; all are renewable for a second year if minimum GPA of 2.5 is achieved. 
  • TinShip (The Tin Room Scholarship) – Created and funded owner of The Tin Room, Dan House, and The Tin Room’s patrons, this scholarship is for graduating seniors planning to attend a trade or vocational school. One $3,000 award toward a regionally accredited technical or trade school or program will be presented this year.
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