EXCEL & Impact Grants

Excel and Impact Grants

Students learn when they are engaged. Excel and Impact grant funding gives teachers and school staff the ability to provide innovative learning opportunities to students at all grade levels. Experiences like field trips — transporting students offsite for real world learning, like visiting Seahurst Park to learn about salmon habitats or the University of Washington and Renton Technical College for career exploration. Building on to existing learning tools, like outfitting a library with books in many languages, with characters who look like the students who read them. Advanced tools such as robotics equipment to immerse students in math, coding, and engineering. Excel and Impact grants make these experiences possible.

2022-2023 Excel & Impact Grants - Applications are Now Closed

Applications for Excel and Impact Grants are closed for 2022-2023. Our team is currently reviewing all submitted applications, and awards will be announced the week of December 12th. 

Excel Grants

The Excel Grant program was created in 2002 to support classroom innovation in Highline Public Schools, and to provide teachers the resources they need to help our students succeed. Excel Grants fund projects to enhance learning opportunities and experiences for students in the classroom. Past examples of funded projects have included the purchase of musical instruments, science and robotic kits, field trips, books and art supplies and more.

Impact Grants

Impact Grants award up to $10,000 for a projects of a larger size and scope, often benefiting a whole school or district-wide project. Past examples include: Funding an Aquaponics for Sustainability system at Sylvester Middle School, investing in a program called Young Women in Computer Science in the Careers & College Pathways department, and supporting another program titled Improving Academic Success for Latino Students at Mt. Rainier High School to name a few examples.

2021-2022 Excel & Impact Grant Awards

The Highline Schools Foundation is pleased to announce Excel & Impact Grant awards for the 2021-2022 school year. We received 50 applications, and are funding 42 grants from 22 schools across Highline. In total, 40 Excel Grants and two Impact grants totaling $68,703 will bring innovative, equitable, and engaging learning to all grade levels in Highline Public Schools.
Did you receive a 2021-2022 Grant and are ready to submit your Final Report? Complete it here (more info below).

Impact Grants

  • Two awards for a total of $14,556.
  • Cascade Middle School
    Lisa Theofelis, Counseling & Calming Spaces for Students – $9,985.75
  • Valley View Early Learning Center
    Ogadinma Onwuka, Language is Core! – $4,569.97

Excel Grants

  • 40 awards for a total of $54,147.
  • Beverly Park Elementary School
    Barbara Bennet, What Makes a Superhero Super? – $687.82
    Mary Schimmelbusch – Project Based Learning EdTech – $1,500.25
    Kristina Suznevich – Field Trip to the Zoom – $393.30

  • Big Picture School     
    Chloe  Velasquez & Teresa Eberhardt, SewingSpace: a class for making with Fabric – $2,500.00

  • Cascade Middle School 
    Alexa Wayman, Art With Heart Group – $1,000.00
    Nadia Counter, Let’s Save Lives! CPR Training – $2,372.89
    Lauren Tran, Self Regulations Toolkits for Classrooms – $2,500.00
    Liliana Caracoza Lopez, Young Men’s, Young Women’s, and Non-Binary Counseling Groups – $824.52

  • Chinook Middle School
    Chad Harper, Non-English Language Books for Chinook Library – $1,721.77

  • Des Moines Elementary School
    Brenda Martin, Diverse Classroom Library – $1,941.00

  • Evergreen High School
    Ian Wengs, Coffee Cart Equipment for Student Skill Building – $2,500.00

  • Highline High School
    Barbara Abbott, Therapeutic Activity Room Equipment – $2,412.48

  • Hilltop Elementary School
    Mary Popich, STEAM Ahead with Art!      – $430.98
    Corbin Busby, Multilingual Learners Deserve Multilingual Books – $700.00

  • Madrona Elementary School          
    Alexandria Skagen, Hands on Handwriting – $884.07

  • Marvista Elementary School      
    Caitlin Gribble, Library Book Repair Equipment – $2,137.17

  • McMicken Elementary School
    Spencer Flanagan, Supporting Emotional Regulations with The Zones of Regulations Social Skills
    Curriculum – $232.22
    Wesley Smith, Serving SEL Needs with Cougar Time – $384.75
    Nancy Shi, SELebrating Friendships – $412.00
    Vivienne Alcantara, Manga Mania! And Other Necessary Books – $2,498.71
    Jennifer Walsh, Inquiring Brains Want to Pop! – $525.00
    Stephanie Hasselbauer, Social + Emotional Development – $721.33

  • Midway Elementary School
    Jenna Smith, Equitable Books for Special Education – $478.35

  • North Hill Elementary School
    Leah Stephens, Drumming through COVID – $2,117.23

  • Pacific Middle School
    Claudia House, Bike For Life – $1,298.00

  • Parkside Elementary School
    Jeana Greco, Can You Teach Me How to Dribble? – $319.34

  • HPS Social Work Team
    Tessa Koutsky, Yoga Mats – $400.00

  • Puget Sound Skills Center   
    Steve Buck, Drone Kits for Students – $2,470.99

  • Realistic Transition Program       
    Theresa Ognoskie, Mall Field Trip for Special Needs Students to Practice Communication Skills
    and Buying Lunch – $544.33

  • Seahurst Elementary School              
    Carolyn Zike, See It to Be It: Elementary Career & College Exploration – $905.00

  • Southern Heights Elementary School    
    Kaitlin Mcgrew, Mental health for students – $362.14
    Jennifer Ferry, Upgrading/Expanding Series Book Collection at Southern Heights – $800.07

  • Tyee High School
    Asami Sheffield, Engagement & UDL – $341.20
    Alana Vinther, Talk – Lead – Grow – $1,500.00
    Alison Thomas, Lab Materials for “Why Cars Don’t Run on Rocket Fuel” – $1,911.77
    Colleen Pfeilschiefter, Cameras for Creative Communicators – $2,500.00
    Iris Guzman, Art with Heart Student Mental Health – $2,497.74

  • Valley View Early Learning Center
    Shanalyn Hoefer & Rebecca Androes – Outdoor Exploration/Playground Materials – $2,500.00

  • WELS (Waskowitz Environmental Leadership School)    
    Julia Keiter, Snowshoeing Field Trip for WELS Students – $1,986.00

  • White Center Heights    
    Shoshanna Cohen, Robot Kits for Kids – $1,934.93

Complete Your Excel & Impact Grant Final Report

When you have completed your Excel or Impact grant, please use the link above to submit the final report. Final Reports are due no later than May 15th, 2022. Your final report includes both financial and program information and should include a narrative account of what was accomplished by the grant, including a description of progress made toward achieving the goals of the grant, results of measurable goals, and assurance that the activities under the grant have been conducted in conformity with the terms of the grant. We use your stories to help us secure funding for next year, so please be as excited and emotional as you were on your application! We may post stories and photos of grants in action on our social media channels and website. 

Questions, concerns, or issues submitting any piece of your final report? Send us an email at info@highlineschoolsfoundation.org

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