EXCEL & Impact Grants

Excel and Impact Grants

Students learn when they are engaged. Excel and Impact grant funding gives teachers and school staff the ability to provide innovative learning opportunities to students at all grade levels. Experiences like field trips — transporting students offsite for real world learning, like visiting Seahurst Park to learn about salmon habitats or the University of Washington and Renton Technical College for career exploration. Building on to existing learning tools, like outfitting a library with books in many languages, with characters who look like the students who read them. Advanced tools such as robotics equipment to immerse students in math, coding, and engineering. Excel and Impact grants make these experiences possible.

Announcing the 2022-2023 Excel & Impact Grant Awards

Highline Schools Foundation is thrilled to announce the 2022-2023 Excel & Impact Grant awards to support classroom innovation, enhance learning opportunities, and offer experiences that students may not otherwise be able to access. The Foundation received 22 applications, and the Excel & Impact Grant Committee elected to fund 21 grants during this cycle; additionally, one previously awarded grant was re-funded after the project was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, $46,879.68 in grant funding has been awarded to 15 schools or programs across Highline Public Schools, with projects ranging from puppet theaters to Virtual Reality and other technologies.

Excel Grants

  • 13 awards for a total of $11,161.68
  • Cascade Middle School
    Rachel Fontenot, Digital Games to Increase Executive Function – $1,000

  • Glacier Middle School     
    Stephanie Kuborssy, New Music for a New School – $997

  • Gregory Heights Elementary
    Shawn Will, Math Games – $995

  • Madrona Elementary
    Michele Brees, Disney in Schools: Jungle Book – $988.42
    Sydney Farrer, Living History Field Trip to Camp Waskowitz – $424
    Leonor Lopez Muñoz, Living History Field Trip to Camp Waskowitz – $995
    Jennifer Reese, Living History Field Trip to Camp Waskowitz – $999
    Amelia Swinton, Living History Field Trip to Camp Waskowitz – $999

  • Maritime High  School
    Beverly Pecoraro, Rainbow Friends Library – $500

  • McMicken Heights Elementary
    Dawn Elwell, Language and Literature Through Puppets and Play – $364.26

  • New Start High School
    Keni Kohl, Diverse Books of Interest for Community Building – $1,000
    Anne Marie Littleton, Emotional Regulation Space at New Start HS – $1,000

  • Tyee High School
    Stefan Green, Reading Achievement Support for SPED & ML Students at Tyee – $900

Impact Grants

  • Nine awards for a total of $35,718
  • Bow Lake Elementary
    Eleanor Cho, Series-ly Books: Emerging Readers – $3,900
  • Sylvester Middle School
    Stephanie Detwiler, Spanish Language Books for the Library – $3,000
  • Midway Elementary
    Marissa Goodell, Making Magic with Makey Makeys – $1,739
  • Seahurst Elementary
    Carolyn Zike, Turn Up the Volume: Seahurst’s Welcoming School Culture – $2,500
    Jennifer Hefford-Anderson, Learning Through Play – $3,279
  • Chinook Middle School
    Josi Hodge, Nonfiction books to Support Science, Social Studies, and Digital Literacy – $6,000
  • Mount View Elementary
    Marcela Rico, Learning and Applying Social Skills, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Skills (K-5) – $2,800
  • New Start High School
    Rohana Swihart, KeniHana Entrepreneur Technology Cooperative, $10,000
  • Fine Arts/Music
    Stefan Nelson, Summer Band & Orchestra (re-funded from 2019) – $2,500

Excel Grants

The Excel Grant program was created in 2002 to support classroom innovation in Highline Public Schools, and to provide teachers the resources they need to help our students succeed. Excel Grants, this year up to $1,000, fund projects to enhance learning opportunities and experiences for students in the classroom. Past examples of funded projects have included the purchase of musical instruments, science and robotic kits, field trips, books and art supplies and more.

Impact Grants

Impact Grants award up to $10,000 for a projects of a larger size and scope, often benefiting a whole school or district-wide project. Past examples include: Funding an Aquaponics for Sustainability system at Sylvester Middle School, investing in a program called Young Women in Computer Science in the Careers & College Pathways department, and supporting another program titled Improving Academic Success for Latino Students at Mt. Rainier High School to name a few examples.

Complete Your Excel & Impact Grant Final Report

When you have completed your Excel or Impact grant, please use the link above to submit the final report. Final Reports are due no later than May 15, 2023. Your final report includes both financial and program information and should include a narrative account of what was accomplished by the grant, including a description of progress made toward achieving the goals of the grant, results of measurable goals, and assurance that the activities under the grant have been conducted in conformity with the terms of the grant. Please be aware that failure to submit a final report in a timely fashion may preclude you from future grant consideration.

We use your stories to help us secure funding for the next Excel & Impact Grant cycle, so please include your photos, quotes from students, and other exciting elements in your report. We may post stories and photos of grants in action on our social media channels and website. 

Questions, concerns, or issues submitting any piece of your final report? Send us an email at info@highlineschoolsfoundation.org

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