EXCEL & Impact Grants

Excel and Impact Grants

Students learn when they are engaged. Excel and Impact grant funds allow students to be transported offsite for real world learning, from visiting Seahurst Park for environmental learning to the University of Washington and Renton Technical College for career exploration.  Excel and Impact grants make these experiences possible.

With these grants, projects are funded that enable teachers and staff to extend regular curriculum for students, bring innovation into classrooms and schools, and enrich student learning at all grade levels. Highline Public School employees can apply for these competitive grants each fall. 

Excel Grants

The Excel Grant program was created in 2002 to support classroom innovation in Highline Public Schools, and to provide teachers the resources they need to help our students succeed. Usually open each fall, distance learning for the 2020-2021 school year has shifted the way we offer Excel Grants for this year.

Highline Schools Foundation is offering two rounds of Mini Excel grants for the 2020-2021 school year, with the second round closing in January 2021. These mini grants are aimed at helping teachers and staff members obtain resources that they may need to improve or advance distance learning. Grants of up to $500 will be awarded, with up to $25,000 in total Mini Excel grant funds. All funds will need to be expended by May 1, 2021 with the grant report due May 30, 2021. There are no extensions offered with the Mini Excel grant process. There is an additional document with answers to frequently asked questions that you can access HERE.

Please review the grant guidelines carefully for information on application requirements and restrictions. Contact the Foundation office with any questions about the process or if you need assistance with the application.


If you received a Mini Excel Grant in the 2020-2021 school year and need to complete the final report, click here.

The second round of Mini Excel grants were announced on Monday, February 8, 2021. The following Highline employees received awards in this round: 

  • Amanda Scofield & Stacy Ringo, Beverly Park Elementary
  • Amy Moore, Sylvester Middle School
  • Barbara Bennett, Hazel Valley Elementary
  • Barbara Edwards, Southern Heights Elementary
  • Becky McLachlan, Parkside Elementary
  • Beverly Pecoraro, Big Picture Schools
  • Carolyn Spieldenner, Gregory Heights Elementary
  • Carolyn Zike, Seahurst Elementary
  • Colene Baker & Scott Schneider, Midway Elementary
  • Damaris Flores Figueroa, Midway Elementary
  • Dani Flanagan, North Hill Elementary
  • Denise Dagley, Bow Lake Elementary
  • Edward Thompson, Glacier Middle School
  • Ellie Hanna, Gregory Heights Elementary
  • Emily Harris, Pacific Middle School
  • Gretchen Lemon & Heidi Evans, Big Picture Schools
  • Heidi Jacobson, Beverly Park Elementary
  • Iris Guzman, Tyee High School
  • Jamie Torres Ibarra, McMicken Heights Elementary
  • Jane Judd, Puget Sound Skills Center
  • Janet Boggs, Midway Elementary
  • Jessica Walsh, Des Moines Elementary
  • Josie Painter, Bow Lake Elementary
  • Julia Keiter & Meghan Milam, Waskowitz Environmental Leadership & Service (WELS)
  • Julie Rice, Marvista Elementary
  • Kelley Bliss, Southern Heights Elementary
  • Kimberly Burton, Cedarhurst Elementary
  • Kimberly Meschter, Chinook Middle School
  • Kristi Thompson, Beverly Park Elementary
  • Leah Stephens, North Hill Elementary
  • Letys Ellefson Bracho, Hilltop Elementary
  • Linda Anderson, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Mackenzie Pochepan, Valley View Early Learning
  • Michael Stein-Ross & Amanda Adams, Waskowitz Environmental Leadership & Service (WELS)
  • Nancy Becker, North Hill Elementary
  • Nathan Lommen & Enrique Mora, Cascade Middle School
  • Sandy Gady, Pacific Middle School
  • Sara Betts, Mount View Elementary
  • Sara Ullmer, Highline High School
  • Selma Solis, Beverly Park Elementary
  • Shoshanna Cohen, White Center Heights
  • Stephanie Nichols & Selma Solis, Beverly Park Elementary
  • Tracy Werthmann, Social Emotional Learning Team
  • Vivienne Alcantara, McMicken Heights Elementary
  • Wendy Pacheco & others, Bow Lake Elementary
  • Whitney Sanders, Valley View Early Learning
Congratulations to these Excel Grant recipients!

Impact Grants

The Foundation’s Impact Grants award up to $10,000 to a school or program in the district for an opportunity that aligns with Highline Public Schools’ strategic plan in a way that impacts a large number of students. This grant allows the Foundation to make a more significant impact than ever before. While our Excel Grants support specific classroom needs, an Impact Grant offers resources on a larger scale.

Due to the remote learning environment, we will not award any Impact Grants in the 2020-2021 school year. This process will return in 2021-2022.

Here are three examples of successful grant applications from last year’s process:


If you received an Impact grant in the 2019-2020 school year and need to complete your final report, click here.

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