COVID-19 Response

Grocery Store Gift Cards

With nearly 70% of our families living in poverty before the COVID-19 pandemic and many more losing jobs and income since March, we have started purchasing $50 grocery store gift cards and providing them to Highline families in need. Families are identified by social workers, counselors, family liaisons and other school employees. Supporters can make cash contributions or donate gift cards (Safeway, Fred Meyer, QFC, Trader Joe’s and Grocery Store Outlet cards are preferred.)

School Resources

Governor Inslee has asked all public school districts to provide childcare services to students whose parents are first responders or healthcare workers. Highline Public Schools has set up two such centers that serve up to 90 students daily. To ensure a safe environment, we have been providing individual supplies for each student so that they have what they need in the childcare center without having to share resources. Donations are being accepted to help with this work.

Additionally, families in need throughout Highline are requesting school supplies to support their students’ at home learning. We helped to provide school supplies for the first 2,000 packs of supplies that were distributed through Highline meal sites. We anticipate additional supplies being needed during the remainder of this school year and for the start of the 2020-21 school year.


We have set up a partnership with World Vision and four area churches to provide boxes of food and essentials to Highline families in need. Each week, up to 400 families are being served. Just like with the grocery store gift cards, families are identified by social workers, counselors, family liaisons and other school employees. Diapers have been identified as a need by families at these centers. World Vision is unable to supply these diapers. Therefore, we are accepting donations to provide diapers to families in need during this time.

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