Gold Star Awards

The Gold Star Awards are prestigious honors in our school community, recognizing Highline Public Schools best and brightest — celebrating the outstanding Teachers, Volunteers, Alumni, Staff and Administrators throughout the district. These awards provide our community the opportunity to honor those who have shown outstanding support of students and their education, and those inspire us. Anyone can nominate a Gold Star, we rely on our community and Highline Schools staff to put forward their nominees for these awards.

2022 Gold Star Winners

Gold Star Winners, R-L: Alejandra Silva-Avendano - Rookie Teacher, Alain Semet – Volunteer, Charles “Chuck” Garrity – Alumnus, Alberto Mendoza Garcia – Classified Staff, Karly Feria – Professional Staff, Alicia Gaynor – Administrator, and Marianne Schneeman – Teacher

The 2022 Gold Star Awards were presented in front of a sold out crowd at the Gold Star Bash on Thursday, March 24th. From a total of 73 nominees representing 31 schools, programs, and teams, the winners are:

  • Outstanding Administrator – Alicia Gaynor, Principal at Bow Lake Elementary
  • Outstanding Classified Staff – Alberto Mendoza Garcia, Bilingual Tutor and Paraeducator at Chinook Middle School
  • Outstanding Professional Staff – Karly Feria, College & Career Access Specialist at Tyee High School
  • Outstanding Volunteer – Alain Semet, Green Energy Team Mentor at Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Outstanding Alumnus – Charles “Chuck” Garrity, Highline High School, Class of 1957
  • Outstanding Rookie Teacher – Alejandra Silva-Avendano, Social Studies Teacher at Pacific Middle School
  • Outstanding Teacher – Marianne Schneeman, Language & Literacy Specialist at Marvista Elementary School
The Winners will be celebrated again at our Gold Star Fundraising Breakfast, on Thursday, April 14th at the Cedarbrook Lodge in SeaTac. Get more info on the breakfast here.

2022 Gold Star Award Nominees

Outstanding Administrator

  • Corbin Busby, Principal – Hilltop Elementary School               
  • Tim Depue, Assistant Principal – Chinook Middle School               
  • Alicia Gaynor, Principal – Bow Lake Elementary School               
  • Maggie Heater, Principal – Marvista Elementary School               
  • Terry Holtgraves, Principal – Seahurst Elementary School
  • Jessica Ma, Vice Principal – Madrona Elementary School               
  • Robin Totten, Principal – Gregory Heights Elementary School               

Outstanding Classified Staff

  • Justin Bell, Paraprofessional – Beverly Park Elementary School
  • Danielle Bellamy, ASL Interpreter and ASL Interpreter Coordinator – Bow Lake Elementary School
  • Wendy Curtis, Special Education Paraeducator – Parkside Elementary School
  • Denise Dagley, Office Manager – Bow Lake Elementary School
  • Victoria Haworth, Registrar – Pacific Middle School
  • Theda Hiranaka, Attendance Secretary/Office Staff – Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Susan Hope, Office Manager – Glacier Middle School
  • Muna Hussein, Paraeducator – ELL – White Center Heights Elementary School
  • Adriana Lara-Espinosa, Executive Assistant – Teaching, Learning and Leadership
  • Debbie Lipp, Bus Driver (route 111) – North Hill Elementary School
  • Nenette McIntyre, Paraeducator – Gregory Heights Elementary School
  • Alberto Mendoza Garcia, Bilingual Tutor and Paraeducator – Chinook Middle School
  • Sydnee Pardee, Paraeducator – Hazel Valley Elementary School
  • Madeline Pearce, Paraeducator – Bow Lake Elementary School
  • Eduwiges Prieto , Office Manager – Madrona Elementary School
  • Maryann Rollolazo, Paraeducator – Chinook Middle School
  • Elaine Sauro, LAP Paraeducator – Mount Rainier High School
  • Deana Shuck, LAP Paraeducator – Mount Rainier High School

Outstanding Professional Staff

  • Katie Carper, Counselor – Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Karly Feria, College & Career Access Specialist – Tyee High School
  • Kayla Guyett, Native Literacy & Culture Specialist – Native Education
  • Jill Hadji, Dean of Students – Chinook Middle School
  • Christine Hagerty, School Counselor – Madrona Elementary School
  • Stacy Handler, Database/Programmer Analyst – Technology Services
  • Kelvin Hernandez Cruz, Technology Services Technician – Seahurst Elementary School
  • Eldridge Lile Cole, Outdoor Educator – Waskowitz Environmental Leadership Service
  • Kathy Myers, School Nurse – Midway Elementary School

Outstanding Volunteer

  • Tim Crawley, Volunteer/Retired – Highline
  • Sara Johnson, Volunteer – Seahurst Elementary
  • Alain Semet, Green Energy Team Mentor – Raisbeck Aviation High School

Outstanding Rookie Teacher

  • Stacy Bowman, 2nd Grade Teacher – McMicken Heights Elementary School
  • Rosa Castaneda Murillo, Teacher – Chinook Middle School
  • Alejandro Isiordia Navarro, Math Teacher – Evergreen High School
  • John Ostermann, Teacher – Evergreen High School
  • Theury Pen, IAC Special Education Teacher – Chinook Middle School
  • Brenda Phelps, Special Education Teacher – Sylvester Middle School
  • Jenna Shamseldin, Integrated Kindergarten Teacher – Parkside Elementary School
  • Alejandra Silva-Avendano, Teacher – Pacific Middle School

Outstanding Teacher

  • Aaron Aker, 4th Grade Teacher – North Hill Elementary School
  • Diana Arenas Castillo, Kindergarten Teacher – Hazel Valley Elementary School
  • Jessica Barber, Teacher- 4th grade – Bow Lake Elementary School
  • Jordan Beckman, Music Teacher – Mount Rainier High School
  • Taylor Blue, Success Dean – Chinook Middle School
  • Joe Bourgeois, Teacher – Sylvester Middle School
  • Jeffrey Bradshaw, Special Education Teacher – North Hill Elementary School
  • Jessica Burtt, Intermediate IAC teacher – Des Moines Elementary School
  • Dorothy Carter, Librarian – Hilltop Elementary School
  • Shoshanna Cohen, STEAM Teacher – White Center Heights Elementary
  • Emily Davis, Teacher – Highline Virtual Academy
  • Olivia Evans, Teacher – Chinook Middle School
  • Michelle Herrmann, Teacher – CHOICE Academy
  • Amanda Hodges, Teacher – Chinook Middle School
  • Schuyler Jensen, Music Teacher – Hazel Valley Elementary School
  • Evan Murphy, Teacher – Chinook Middle School
  • Bryston Nham, Teacher – Chinook Middle School
  • Bev Pecoraro, Advisor (Teacher) – Big Picture School
  • Maria Pina, Teacher/Librarian – Hazel Valley Elementary School
  • Matt Pokrywka, Teacher – Marvista Elementary School
  • Ryan Reilly, Librarian – White Center Heights Elementary School
  • Baylee Robertson, Special Education Teacher – Mount Rainier High School
  • Stephanie Savino, Art/CTE teacher – Mount Rainier High School
  • Marianne Schneeman, Language & Literacy Specialist – Marvista Elementary School
  • Lisa Shafer, Librarian – Marvista Elementary School
  • Alana Vinther, Marketing Teacher – Tyee High School

Names and titles are listed as submitted. If there is a misspelling, or you would prefer to be listed differently, please contact us at for a correction.

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