Gold Star Awards

The Gold Star Awards are prestigious honors in our school community, recognizing Highline Public Schools best and brightest — celebrating the outstanding Teachers, Volunteers, Alumni, Staff and Administrators throughout the district. These awards provide our community the opportunity to honor those who have shown outstanding support of students and their education, and those inspire us. Anyone can nominate a Gold Star, we rely on our community and Highline Schools staff to put forward their nominees for these awards.

The 2021 Gold Star Award Nominees are Here!

The Foundation is proud to announce the nominees for the 2021 Gold Star Awards! In all, we received 124 nominations representing 37 Highline schools, departments, and programs. In total 91 people were nominated for Outstanding Teacher, Rookie Teacher, Staff – Classified, Staff – Professional, Administrator, and Volunteer. Check out the full list of nominees below.

Each nominee will receive a certificate and recognition from the Highline Schools Foundation. Winners will be annouced in early March, and each award winner will receive a $500 cash prize and recognition at the Gold Star Fundraising Breakfast, held virtually this year on Friday, April 2nd. Congratulations to all of our Gold Star Award Nominees!

2021 Gold Star Awards Nominees

Outstanding Teacher

  • Allie Rios, Pacific Middle School
  • Amanda Skey, North Hill Elementary School
  • Anh Nguyen, Chinook Middle School
  • Annie Nguyen, McMicken Heights Elementary School
  • Beverly Pecoraro, Big Picture
  • Bridget Hackett, North Hill Elementary School
  • Edissa Jaramillo, Glacier Middle School
  • Erin Zamora, Seahurst Elementary School
  • Garrett Wade, Mount Rainier High School
  • Ginnie Brossard, Marvista Elementary School
  • Jeana Greco, Parkside Elementary School
  • Jennifer Denning, Gregory Heights Elementary School
  • Jessica Burtt, Des Moines Elementary School
  • Jessica Canul Diaz, Madrona Elementary School
  • Joani Bishop, Tyee High School
  • Joe Bourgeois, Sylvester Middle School
  • Joe Boyer, Evergreen High School
  • Jolly Meloottu, Mount Rainier High School
  • Joseph Thomas, Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Joshua Hollingsworth, Shorewood Elementary School
  • Kiana Brisco, Mount Rainer High School
  • Kristin Wesp, Mount Rainier High School
  • Lindsay Bogovich, Community Based Services
  • Lorena Engle, Midway Elementary School
  • Lukas Grove, Mount Rainier High School
  • Mika Praven, Des Moines Elementary School
  • Mikayla (Crawford-Harris) Smith, CHOICE Academy
  • Mohamad Shibly, Evergreen High School
  • Nancy Shi, McMicken Heights Elementary School
  • Nicholas Wilken, Mount Rainier High School
  • Olivia Evans, Bow Lake Elementary School
  • Phoebe Thompson, Seahurst Elementary School
  • Robert (Bob) Wright, North Hill Elementary School
  • Robin Elliott, Shorewood Elementary School
  • Schell Ross, Pacific Middle School
  • Stephanie Kesterson, Des Moines Elementary School
  • Stephanie Kuborssy, Glacier Middle School
  • Stephanie Lindblom, Gregory Heights Elementary School
  • Stephanie Savino, Mount Rainier High School
  • Terri Costinett, Shorewood Elementary School
  • Thai Hung Tran, Glacier Middle School
  • Zanovia Clark, Mount View Elementary School

Outstanding Rookie Teacher

  • Alejandra Silva-Avendano, Pacific Middle School
  • Brianna Warner, Mount Rainier High School
  • Gami Diaz, Hazel Valley Elementary School
  • Jessica Canul Diaz, Madrona Elementary School
  • Lan Nguyen, Cascade Middle School
  • Laticia Lonon, Sylvester Middle School
  • Marlene Samayoa, Shorewood Elementary School
  • Maura Fenelon, Valley View Early Learning
  • Michael Dobranski, Beverly Park Elementary School
  • Mirabella Escobar, Evergreen High School
  • Naomi True, Evergreen High School
  • William Henderson, Sylvester Middle School
  • Zachariah Beasley, Glacier Middle School

Outstanding Staff - Professional

  • Bryan Peterson, Mount Rainier High School
  • Carolyn Zike, Seahurst Elementary School
  • Chris Vaggalis, Social Work
  • Jonas Buck, Pacific Middle School
  • Nikki Dunbar, Pacific Middle School
  • Rosie Allen-Garibaldi, New Start High School
  • Shauna Pierson, New Start High School
  • Stan Harrison, Big Picture

Outstanding Staff - Classified

  • Brenda Rauschenberg, Beverly Park Elementary School
  • Cassandra Rossignol, Seahurst Elementary School
  • Deana Shuck, Mount Rainier High School
  • Dixie Graham, White Center Heights Elementary School
  • Elaine (Mary) Sauro, Mount Rainier High School
  • Ellen Tester, Beverly Park Elementary School
  • Faafiti Fiso, Sylvester Middle School
  • Guy Morford, Mount Rainier High School
  • Jennifer Hirayama, Chinook Middle School
  • Jessica Emerson , Valley View Early Learning
  • Jordan Badinger, Evergreen High School
  • Karen Berg, Beverly Park Elementary School
  • Sarah Hall, Sylvester Middle School
  • Silvia Lopez, Gregory Heights Elementary School
  • Susan Hope, Glacier Middle School
  • Theda Hiranaka, Raisbeck Aviation High School
  • Wanda Gladney, Mount Rainier High School

Outstanding Administrator

  • Andrea Smith, Southern Heights Elementary School
  • Bobbi Giammona, Parkside Elementary School
  • Catherine Carbone Rogers, Communications
  • Darren Spencer, Special Education
  • Jacqueline Downey, Evergreen High School
  • Johnny Gannaw, Waskowitz Environmental Leadership Service
  • Kelley Schottle, Cascade Middle School
  • Kimberly Jones, North Hill Elementary School
  • Maria Martin, Pacific Middle School
  • Melissa Pointer, Marvista Elementary School
  • Vicki Fisher, Glacier Middle School

Outstanding Volunteer

  • Jay Baunach
  • Rose Clark
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