District Staff

We are Your Partner

Supporting Highline Public Schools is the core of the work of the Highline Schools Foundation, including district teachers, administrators, and staff at every level. We are here to ensure your students have the resources they need to be successful. Please look at the many ways the Foundation is here to support you. If you have additional ideas on ways that we can support you, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Foundation office.

Employee Campaign

Employees are a large portion of the foundation's support. Learn how you can become a supporter as well.

Excel and Impact Grants

We offer grant funding to give teachers, staff, and administrators the ability to provide innovative learning opportunities to students at all grade levels. Find out more.

Food for Students

We work to support to families experiencing food insecurity by offering grocery store gift cards, supporting food drives to stock food pantries in schools, and more.

Gold Star Awards

Nominate a coworker for our annual Gold Star Awards! Find out how to nominate your favorite Gold Star teacher, volunteer, staff member, and more here.

New Teacher Welcome

We welcome new Highline teachers by providing them a bag of goodies from the community. You can help.

School Supplies

We provide school supplies to students in need before school starts each fall and all year long.

Shoes for Students

We provide shoes to students at all grades throughout the school year. Get more information.

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